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How this site will be ran

I'm currently supposed to be taking a break from social media, and pretty much everything.

But I have projects and loose ends to tie up before I can really fully commit to studying.

Unfortunately for me, this involves completing all of my open projects, you know, since "loose ends".

Either way, I'm going to present a new structure on how this site runs, since it’s better to be organised then not... is the homepage for this website. It encompasses a central point that branches off to other locations, through the links on the main homepage.

It is also primarily noted for being the place where I dump tools and stuff, where I actually use the tools that I create (surprisingly). Especially the Download from YouTube Tool (it’s really awesome to save videos to watch later). There is also that Happy Street thing that I got banned from that apparently still works.

Oh, and as a central site, I will be using this site to experiment with some backend coding, namely with Python and Google App Engine. This means that the data that can be found here can be stored, and manipulated in more ways that I can possibly think of. (And why the tools are located here). sets and dictates the global theme that you will see on most of my connected accounts...

Note: Since it's now November, I'm moving to "modern" javascript frameworks... behind the site is custom html5 history api/ajax stuff, but now, its time to meet angular js and stuff.. and open up the code a little...

My main blog, where I talk about all kinds of random programming topics. But mostly about frustrating issues that I eventually resolved.

I don't really care about the stats on this blog, as numbers are meaningless to me, instead, the point of having a blog is not for page views, but for documentation for some of my projects as well...

The difference between, and, is of course, that the blog here is a little more personal then I only created this to test out the framework, but its nice to have something other then blogger available to be used...

This blog will strictly adhere to the global theme that I have, since, well, it’s simple to just change a few lines of code here and there and have it just work.

Hey look! I have a Tumblr account!

The tumblr account isn't going to be used to get in political discussions, politics at a high level appears to be like a race to the bottom.

This Tumblr account will be used for me to share some cool EDM to the Tumblrsphere.

It will follow up with the theming style of the rest of my website. But since Tumblr theming is quite challenging, the site might be broken the majority of the time.

I'm leaving this empty. Git? Well, without Jekyll or Octopress, there's no point.

And that's really all I wanted to explore in terms of the direction in which this site as a whole is taking. I might consider updating this post.


2018-11-11: I naive back then and I acknowledge it now.

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