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A micro-glimpse of a sharp and clear mountain scene.
A soothing and calm mountain scene.


A project is a dedicated task that seeks to result in a finished product. A programmer's ultimate dilemma is of choosing between the projects to complete, and the ones to be put aside to eternity.

In an attempt to be a little more transparent, here's a brief outline of the projects that I've been working on, or have already finished.

This is a fun ongoing project, with technologies including Python, CSS3, HTML5 and the like. Most of which have been written with notepad!

Details can be found here: humans.txt.

There are tools which I have created for my own personal use, but feel free to use them if you need to! Download From Slideshare, Video Downloader

The directions and specifics of the individual parts of the entire website is detailed on the blog post here: Directions.

Visual Wars (VW)

VW is a visual media - experimental art project, that attempts to entertain with spectacular graphs. The tools used for VW primarily include After Effects and Premiere Pro, and with some extent, Notepad - for HTML5 WebGL.



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