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A micro-glimpse of a sharp and clear mountain scene.
A soothing and calm mountain scene.

Animated GIF to CSS Converter

Convert from GIF files to CSS (utilizing a Single Div) using the tool below!

Just drag&drop; a GIF file, or click to use the standard uploader, and press the "Convert" button to begin the conversion.

Demo Result


  • This service is provided on an AS-IS basis, no warranty is given for lost data.
  • Your GIF data will not be kept within the server, and will disppear from the server as soon as the result has been generated.
  • The restrictions for the GIF file are that it has to be no larger then 256x256 pixels, and 300Kbs in size.
  • The result will be significantly larger then your uploaded GIF!
  • Be aware that the textarea of where the resulting CSS will be placed will be extremely slow.
  • An issue has been identified that could lead to some CSS3-generated output to have graphical glitches, a fix is not possible until a server rehaul.
  • Report any other bugs or issues on Google+


2018-11-10: Updated to check against, and to support a wider range of GIFs.

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